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We service, repair or upgrade most make and model of commercial carpet cleaning machine.
07872 175 990
Sales, Service,
Repairs & Spares

8 Barton Close , Hendon , London
Nw4 4qd

We repair, service or upgrade  Extracta EXEL  Carpet Cleaning Machine

Extracta EXEL CX
Extracta EXEL DX
Extracta EXEL BX
Extracta EXEL SPIRIT 1
Extracta EXEL SPIRIT 2

What we do :
•Part replacements  •Servicing  •Cleaning machine repairs 
•Vacuum cleaner repairs  •Maintenance
•Water leak detection and repair  •Local collection and delivery
Looking for a machine upgrade or repair? Call us we will be pleased to part exchange your current model. We are available in 8 barton close, Hendon, London NW4 4QD

Call us on 07872 175 990   for Sales, Service, Repairs & Spares
Collection and Delivery is available to customers within a 30 mile radius of NW4 4QD
Hendon, London.
Please ask the price for collction and delivery.